Gants de conversion HEAT HOLDERS pour femme

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Heat Holders® Convertisseur Gants avec doublure thermique HeatWeaver®.

La doublure soyeuse et douce n'est pas seulement luxueuse, elle vous assure également des mains confortables en hiver rigoureux. Supports de chaleur polyvalents Convertisseur Gants peut simplement se replier sur les doigts pour créer une moufle chaude et confortable. Ou être sans doigts pour une facilité d'utilisation !

Chapeaux et cache-cou assortis également disponibles.

Taille:              Taille unique  -  7½" / 19 cm

Pour trouver quelle taille de gant mesurez votre main droite si vous êtes droitier ou votre main gauche si vous êtes gaucher. Comme indiqué dans le diagramme ci-dessous, enroulez un ruban à mesurer autour de votre paume à la base de vos jointures. Faites correspondre cette mesure en pouces ou en centimètres.       

Glove Size Diagram

Concevoir:         Converter Flip Mitt Gants


Crème, Fauve, Gris Clair, Rose, Violet, Marine, Noir

Composition des fibres :  

Noir, Crème

Extérieur - 100% Acrylique

Doublure - 100 % polyester

Violet, Rose, Fauve, Gris Clair, Marine

Extérieur - 53 % polyester, 47 % acrylique

Doublure - 100 % polyester

Instructions de lavage :  

Lavable en machine 40'... Ne pas sécher au sèche-linge

Heat Holders

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Just what my daughter needed!

My adult daughter suffers with Raynaud's syndrome, and a friend who's used Heat Holders products in the past (he's a farmer, so often out in the cold weather in just wellies) recommended I look at the website. Since purchase, my daughter has used all 5 items I bought (2 x socks, 2 x gloves and a hat) and she's raving about their effectiveness. She'd recommend them to anyone, not just sufferers of Raynaud's, but anyone who has naturally colder hands and feet in the winter, or those who need to warm up quickly after outdoor winter activities like wild or sea swimming. I'm going to get some myself now too!

Valerie Talbot
Hoped for better quality

Ladies one size is quite a tight fit around the fingers which makes taking them off a challenge but really disappointed that the stitching holding the covering mitten has already begun to come undone and would need sewing on again if I was to wear them again.

Sam Burgess

I get really cold hands but these gloves are great because you can free your fingers up without having to take me the whole glove off. Your hands warm really quick to after putting the flap back over.

Irene Marshall
Converter gloves

I have used similar gloves for several years when walking my dog and these are lovely and warm for really cold days. My only criticism is that the flap is too short and sometimes slips off my fingers and not easy to get it back on when holding a dog lead. Otherwise a good buy.

andy james

Very quick professional service


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