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Ladies Thermal Converter Mittens - Light Grey

With HEATWEAVER®️ Insulation Liner
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Heat Holders

For reliable warmth whatever the weather, choose our Ladies Thermal Converter Mittens in Light Grey. A classic fold-over ribbed cuff covers the gap between your wrists and your sleeves, eliminating cold draughts to keep your hands wonderfully warm.

Mittens are so warm, but fingerless gloves are so practical… so which will you choose? With Heat Holders women’s thermal fingerless converter mittens, you don’t have to! The toasty finger pouch creates a warm and cosy mitten, then folds over and securely buttons down to reveal a fingerless glove inside. You can use your phone, find your keys or complete any other fiddly task without your fingers getting cold.

Unlike regular fashion gloves, Heat Holders ladies thermal gloves offer both sophisticated style and warmth you can rely on. Drawing on our longstanding expertise in thermal clothing, we’ve created a range of thermal gloves that could be the warmest, softest and most comfortable you’ll ever wear.

Size: One size - 7½" / 19cm

To find your glove size, measure your right hand if you are right-handed or your left hand if you are left-handed. As shown in the below diagram, wrap a tape measure around your palm at the base of your knuckles to determine your size. 

Glove Size Diagram

Fibre Composition: Outer: 53% Polyester, 47% Acrylic. Lining: 100% Polyester

Machine Washable at 30°C. Heat Holders can be tumble dried but are happiest when line dried.

Mix & Match accessories

Mix and Match your thermal accessories and get even warmer with our range of coordinating thermal gloves, hats, neck warmers, earmuffs, headbands and more. With lots of colours and designs to choose from you can decide whether to match your style of accessories, or mix it up with our range of colours and designs.

Heat Holders Technology

Japanese-designed thermal yarn provides insulation with superior breathability and softness.

Innovative knitting technology produces our UK PATENTED long loop cushion pile to hold more warm air.

Our expert brushing process maximises the amount of warm air held in for unbeatable warmth.

HEATWEAVER® Insulation is a plush fur-like thermal lining that maximises the air held close to the body.

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Over 40,000 5 Star Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Yvonne K.
Truly first class!

These fingerless gloves with the flap are the best fingerless gloves I have ever bought for warmth.
Firstly, unlike most of its kind, the flaps on these are also thick and fleecy on the inside. Yes, they actually keep your finger tips warm!!!!
Secondly, the flap doesn’t work its way loose from the button and ‘flap’ about!!!
Thirdly, the whole glove including the lower fingers themselves are the same lovely soft thickness!
Fourth, again unlike others, the thumb is fully covered! Why most other makes don’t cover the thumb is bizarre! I had always presumed I’d need my thumb exposed for using my phone, etc, but I can use my other fingers equally as well!!!
Lastly, the wrist folds up or down which means in our exposed Scottish weather my lower arms under my coat sleeve actually stay warm!
My hand size is a medium to large ladies but equally they’d fit smaller or slightly bigger.
Can I also add, the follow up emails about these gloves from this company are actually informative and interesting.
Yes…I love them!
No…I don’t work for the company or own shares!!!🤣

Dennis B.

Lovely and warm

Great product

Really nice and soft and warm inside, so glad there is a finger flap option and matching items are available. Nice and long to cover the wrist too which helps with warmth.

Suzette H.
Cosy fingers!

Even as I type I am wearing these - albeit with the top cover off! My hands feel the cold intensely, but these are a great help. Really warm and very versatile. Strongly recommended to fellow sufferers!


Best gloves ever