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Ladies Thermal Dressing Gown - Dusky Pink

With HEATWEAVER®️ Insulation Liner
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Heat Holders

When you need instant comfort and softness around your home, our Ladies Thermal Dressing Gown in Dusky Pink will bring you all the warmth you need. It’s available in four roomy sizes with a simple adjustable waist tie for the perfect balance between fit and lounge-around comfort. 

Heat Holders women's thermal dressing gowns are sure to keep you warm on even the coldest days. We believe that whatever you’re doing, you should feel comfortable and content so you can enjoy life to the full.

The generous fold-over shawl collar lets you snuggle down and wrap yourself up in a cocoon of cosiness, while large cosy pockets provide a warm and snug place for your hands. Perfect after a soothing bath or worn with your favourite loungewear or nightwear.

Most dressing gowns are only created for looks – but Heat Holders dressing gowns are here to keep you warm. Using our proven thermal expertise, we’ve created a dressing gown that not only looks great but is probably the warmest, softest and most comfortable dressing gown you’ll ever wear. If you’re going camping, away on holiday or over to friends, a Heat Holders dressing gown makes the perfect companion, creating a home from home wherever you are. Try one and see why they’ve become such a firm favourite with lovers of warmth everywhere! 

The Loungewear Dressing Gown is fully machine washable, tumble-dry safe and quick to line-dry, giving you more time to enjoy cosy moments and downtime. Everyone loves to receive Heat Holders as a present, and our loungewear is perfect for giving the gift of warmth to your friends, family and loved ones.

Size: Please check the size guide above before purchase

Fibre Composition: 100% Polyester

Machine Washable at 30°C. Heat Holders can be tumble dried but are happiest when line dried.

Mix & Match accessories

Mix and Match your thermal accessories and get even warmer with our range of coordinating thermal gloves, hats, neck warmers, earmuffs, headbands and more. With lots of colours and designs to choose from you can decide whether to match your style of accessories, or mix it up with our range of colours and designs.

Heat Holders Technology

heat holders illustration of Japanese-designed thermal yarn

Japanese-designed thermal yarn provides insulation with superior breathability and softness.

heat holders illustration of innovative knitting technology

Innovative knitting technology produces our UK PATENTED long loop cushion pile to hold more warm air.

heat holders illustration of expert brushing process

Our expert brushing process maximises the amount of warm air held in for unbeatable warmth.

heat holders illustration of HEATWEAVER® Insulation

HEATWEAVER® Insulation is a plush fur-like thermal lining that maximises the air held close to the body.

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Over 40,000 5 Star Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Louis H.
Dressing gown

Had makeup from another person on the neck of the dressing gown.
Was going to return but out of the uk and didn’t have the time to return it

Thank you for taking the trouble to leave feedback for your dressing gown and sorry to hear of the issue. The mark on your dressing gown would not be from the dressing gown being previously worn, because our returned items are not resold on our website.
It could be a mark from the manufacturers' machinery, for which we apologise..
We are very sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you, and should you wish to return it on your return to the UK, please find below a link to our return form:


Please also find below a link to obtain a prepaid return label:


Kind regards


No ribbon tie comes open.

Fit me as a size 20 and I had their biggest size of XL.This was the biggest disappointment I have had from this website’s products. This is just like all the cheap polyester dressing gowns I can get out of the supermarket at a fraction of the price. No furry inside layer, no warmer and it’s not that warm. The biggest disappointment is the fact they haven’t bothered to put a ribbon tie on the inside so when I sat down it came open leaving a big gaping hole on the top half of my body. For something of this price tag I would expect a ribbon tie. This has been poorly designed and is no better than their blanket which is huge for the same cost and wraps around me double. It’s an exact match to their blanket in materials and colour leading me to believe they have fashioned this out of one not putting any thought into its design. I would have expected a furry lining like their socks or hats. Had they done pictures of the whole of the inside on their website showing it down to the bottom then I would not have ordered it. Instead the only pictures are of some person wearing it and it folded showing a bit of the neck so I couldn’t get an idea if the ribbon tie was there or not. Poorly designed, not very warm. I would not recommend.